Our weekly Tuesday meetings are suspended in compliance with the COVID-19 emergency orders.

Club online meetings, by Zoom, will begin Tuesday, March 21, 2020 at 7:35am.  Every club member will receive an invitation by email, with a link to join the meeting.  A separate dedicated email will be sent for each meeting.  Contact sue@tinchers.net if you are a member and have not received an invite.  If you are a guest or visiting Rotarian, contact sue@tinchers.net to request the link.

Club member VJ Smith gave an inspirational talk about overcoming obstacles to accomplish many things and help many people with his MADDADS organization and many other ventures.
Rotary Club of North Minneapolis participated, along with other clubs in a tree planting effort.
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We shouldn't depend on the outside world for our happiness; we should have our private world where we go for some peace. So we must be careful about how we build our private worlds.
- J. California Cooper